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Exclusive SUP Lessons at Jubilee Pool

We are pleased to announce that along with our fitness classes we have exclusivity at Jubilee Pool, Penzance to take your SUP lessons. Windy?, choppy sea?, wrong tide? problem!, at Jubilee pool we can guarantee you a no cancelation SUP lesson at this amazing venue which is sheltered from all the coastal weather issues that can sometimes lead to cancelations on the open water. Jubilee Pool is such a great and safe location, and with the pool at 100m in length, gives you all the room you need to have your lesson and put into practice your newly taught paddling skills, and is also great for corporate SUP activities. The water temp inside the pool is also warmer than the sea which is great if you don't want to wear a wetsuit. We are so pleased to have this partnership with the pool and as locals feel proud that GoSUP's activities can help contribute to the financial up keep of the pool. The images below were taken on a grey windy day with the sea being to rough to take lessons but highlight how calm and warm it is within the pool walls.

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