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Pre Instructor Training

This week we had the pleasure of giving Jack some intensive SUP training ahead of his upcoming ISA Surf Instructor and BSUPA SUP instructor courses. Jack comes from the Isle of Wight and his family had been recommended by a previous client to contact us and see if we could help out. We spent the week dialling Jack's paddle technique and manoeuvres, which in turn gains the student's confidence with their equipment. Abbey Basin in at Penzance harbour was the perfect setting as its a really sheltered location, and given the weeks unsettled weather meant that we could paddle even on the windiest of days and Jack was still able to practice in the safety of the harbour. We had a break in the weather mid week and were able to get some open water paddling in the morning, then some SUP surf training in the afternoon.

Jack's progression and confidence was clear to see by the end of the week, really hitting his paddle technique and manoeuvres. We are super happy with his progress and wish him all the best with his Instructor courses, we hope to see you on the water in Cornwall soon.

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