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Planning to SUP in 2021?

It's been difficult for many people & businesses for many different reasons over the past 12 months, mostly attributed to the Covid pandemic.

We are optimistic looking ahead this year, again our mission and goal is to ultimately put smiles on peoples faces, ensuring that what we teach is engaging and fun, but most of all we teach people how to be safe practicing stand up paddleboarding, be it on the open ocean or inland waterways.

We aim to take more of the people that already paddleboard on coastal and river tours. Mounts Bay is an amazing stretch of coastline that we use for our coastal tours, from paddling around the iconic St Michaels Mount to finding hidden coves and sea caves. Inland, the stunning Helford river, is our location of choice, exploring its narrow creeks.

SUP is great for a healthy body, and more importantly a healthy mind, anyone that has been on a SUP a few hundred metres from shore will know the tranquillity it delivers.

Safety is always our main priority, living here in Marazion all our lives has given us extensive experience and knowledge of the surrounding waters, coastline and its localised weather conditions. The perks of being mobile allows us to pick a location that will deliver the best conditions for either lessons or touring on any given day. Of course sometimes the weather does get the better of us, and if we cannot re arrange your lesson or tour to a satisfactory and convenient date for you, a full refund will always always given.

So what are you waiting for?, maybe this is your year to jump on a paddleboard for the first time, or join us exploring places you've never been.

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