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Introducing the NeilPryde Firefly - an all new design optimized for freestyle and surf. The Firefly combines the NP high lift concept (introduced on the original Fly to deliver both take off early AND light responsive handling) with a host of new features developed over a year of close collaboration with our Freestyle and Wave test team - significantly reduced wingspan for rotational maneuvers and wave riding, the new NP Mono Handle that functions like a boom but adds the drop grip feature, and a simplified airframe with a stiffer feel for smoother drifting and tricks that require backwind riding. 

This unique feature set also makes the Firefly arguably the best wing on the market for schools and beginners - riders can use a smaller size and still be confident in their take off, the Mono handle makes that first grab and maneuvers as easy as possible, and the shorter wing span makes it better suited for kids and smaller riders.

Drawing on the accumulated expertise of the NP design team, the all new Firefly is optimized for freestyle, surf and schools. The firefly is packed with innovations that that elevate your wing foiling experience, whether you are an experenced rider pushing into rotational moves / stepping up your game in surf, or a new rider fresh to wing foiling, looking for the earliest take-off and easiest handing.

Part of the FLY family: The new Firefly shares its DNA with the renowned FLY and freshly updated FLY Il This means you're getting a wing that's backed by the legacy of proven performance and relentless development that defines the NeilPryde brand.


Tubular Firefly Backpack, Pump Adapter, Bladder Repair Set

Color:C3 Berry


For more info check out

Neilpryde FireFly

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