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Introducing the NP Fly SL - an all new design optimized for light wind performance, especially for heavier riders. The Fly SL leverages the NP high lift concept (introduced on the original Fly to deliver both early take off AND light, responsive handling) but is optimized for down range flying with flatter entry sections, slightly lower aspect ratio and reduced wing sweep to keep the center of effort evenly balanced between both hands.

This unique feature set also makes the Firefly arguably the best wing on the market for schools and beginners - riders can use a smaller size and still be confident in their take off, the Mono handle makes that first grab and maneuvers as easy as possible, and the shorter wing span makes it better suited for kids and smaller riders.

Developed by the NP design team to maximize the light-wind days on the lakes of Europe, the new fly St takes off early and stays up. The Fly SL is especially optimized for heavier riders using bigger boards, but is balanced and controllable in a way that benefits all riders looking to push their minimum wind take off speed to the limit on the lightest days.


FLY SL Backpack, Pump Adapter, Bladder Repair Set



For more info check out

Neilpryde Fly wing SL

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