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The “S” stands for “Surf”
S-Winger aka. Soul Surfer!
This board line was developed for wingfoiling in waves, pure prone foiling, tow-foiling and highwind wingfoiling.
Light weight, chined rails and pulled-in tails and noses with low swing weight make these boards excel in tight radius turns and provide an extremely responsive connection to the foil.
The smooth rocker line enhances easy take-off and forgiving touchdowns.


The very long tracks with full deck-to-bottom foam blocks offer an extremely strong board to foil connection as well as a wide tuning range.
Full deck and bottom PVC sandwich with Innegra rails and brushed paint finish offer the ultimate strength to weight ratio.
Advanced technical design features and an intricate attention to detail in construction result in an incredible combo for all kinds of foiling in waves.

S-Winger Pro

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