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Smooth, passive take-offs and effortless touchdown recovery

Our all-new X-Winger boards feature many new shape details which make them more versatile and agile with a better and smoother overall handling. They are longer and narrower compared to their predecessors. Most importantly they are much more efficient and superior in all aspects supporting the performance of the foil.


The longer, narrower hull and the subtle nose rocker provide a better glide for a quicker acceleration and a smooth, passive take-off into a flight mode. The clearly defined rail tuck line helps in transferring the lift created by the bottom surface into a crisp water release and an effortless take-off. These shape features work together improving additional characteristics:
On occasional touchdowns the board bounces off the water surface gently and smoothly without losing speed.

Also helping on touchdowns is the pulled-in nose outline that at the same time reduces the swing weight and improves the airflow. To compensate for the lower volume of the pulled-in nose outline, we added slightly more thickness in this area. Still, the narrower nose results in a lighter feel and a more agile ride.

The slightly concave standing area provides a more direct feel over the foil.

One of the new features is the higher tail rocker. Once in the air, this additional bottom curve lifts the nose resulting in a better flight position of the board. This creates more clearance when flying so you can push harder on the foil when going upwind without a concern that the board might catch some chop. On top of that it creates more pop for jumps and provides a more comfortable stance.

The new X-Wingers also feature unique tail cut-outs. They reduce the wetted surface in the tail area allowing for a more efficient take-off as well as a quick recovery from a touch-down. You also can rail the board up harder during turns without the tail catching.



Technical details:
The boards feature long track boxes providing a big tuning range for the foil. The tracks are embedded in high-density blocks running all the way from deck to bottom and creating an extremely stable construction.
Additionally, the PRO boards come with full high density PVC sandwich, deck and bottom offering an unmatched ratio of stiffness and low weight in connection with the Innegra rail reinforcement.


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