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You’ve seen the videos, you've heard the hype, its a sport that has exploded globally.......wing surfing and wing foiling is taking the water sports industry by storm. If you want to give wing surfing a go, then you're in the right place. Based in Marazion, Cornwall our BKSA affiliated wing surf and wing foil school offers wing surf lessons for complete beginners with no wind sport background right through to more advanced wing foil coaching for those wanting to improve their transitions and riding.

Our BKSA qualified wing foil instructor will teach you all the fundamentals from your first grasp of a wing to your first flights on a foil. We've found that one to one lessons along with advise and knowledge from an experienced instructor is a key ingredient for student progression and greatly quickens the learning curve.

Our BKSA teaching syllabus is separated into 3 parts to ensure a sound understanding of both the wing and the foil. Below is an overview of who these lessons are suitable for, remember that all lessons are tailored to the student, as individual skill levels and experiences are different.

WingTro. (Wing surf)

Total beginners.

Anyone with no wind sport background.

People with a windsurf or kitesurf background.

WingGo. (Wing Foil)

Anyone who has completed the Wintro.

People with a current windsurf level on smaller boards (The lesson would be a short brief of WinTro moving on to WingGo)

WingPro. (Wing Foil)

Anyone who has achieved first flights on the WingGo.

Anyone who has other foiling experiences in other wind sports.

People who have bought their own kit and have tried to self teach but feel that they need help.

Anyone who is foiling and would like to improve their transitions, foot switches etc.

All equipment and safety gear is provided, you are welcome to bring your own if you have and prefer to use it.​

All students should be confident in the water.

If you are unsure as to which lesson you need, please contact us prior to making your booking. All lessons are tailored to you and arranged around you on the most suitable days. For more individual info on the lessons please click one of the links below.