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A Positive start

What a better way to start 2019 than being on the water. With the right equipment, winter wetsuit and boots not even this cold January day could stop us. Abbey Basin in Penzance was the perfect setting for Lindsay to achieve her goal and that she did. Being a bit dubious at first on how well she would do this was soon overtaken by confidence as she was standing in no time and with plenty of practise had a great paddle stroke and technique. Lindsay was a pleasure to teach and her new found skills and confidence radiated through her smile.

Everybody's goal and achievement in a SUP lesson is different, for some its getting out there standing and paddling for others it could be the fact that they've stood, or just the fact that they've got onto the water. Some master things quicker than others, but whatever your goal is, its never too small, seeing our clients beam because they've achieved something they didn't think they could do is why we do this. We believe you can, so have the same faith in yourself and make 2019 the year you conqueror your goals.

Looking forward to seeing you on our club paddles Lindsay

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